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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The Simple Sleep treatment gives you freedom from snoring and sleep apnea, so you can sleep better and enjoy life.

Our treatment services are designed with three core values in mind:

  • to promote health and well-being.
  • to improve quality of life.
  • to deliver patient happiness.

The Triumvirate of Health


Created by Dr. William C. Dement, the Father of Sleep Medicine, the Triumvirate of Health calls for eating well, exercising enough, and sleeping right. For most people, diet and exercise are key ingredients to a healthy, happy life, while good sleep falls by the wayside.

Why Is Sleep So Often Overlooked?

We believe the ticket to a healthy, long life includes paying attention to your sleep. We can help you prioritize your sleep, measure its impact on your quality of life and establish healthy sleeping habits.

When sleep is compromised, good nutrition and exercise are much harder to achieve. Commit to better sleep and your whole life and health will be transformed.

The Triumvirate of Health is a lifelong philosophy for optimizing health, energy and longevity — get started with your Simple Sleep Custom Dental Device.

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